a fully digital platform that automize and digitize credit collection procedure


difacile is a legal-tech platform that digitizes and automates the management and collection of outstanding commercial debts, with a particular focus on debts under 10,000 euros. The services offered cover all stages of recovery, from out-of-court management (payment notices, negotiations with debtors, settlements and repayment plans) to judicial management (injunctions, garnishments, foreclosures, etc…), and are delivered through the www.difacile.it platform by a team of dedicated lawyers. The time required to entrust a case, on average, is less than 5 minutes, and everything is done online. Each service requested is delivered within a maximum time of 3 working days. Practice updates are available online, anytime. Prices are fixed, making it affordable to recover even modest amounts.

Prix / Distinctions

Selected in Lightspeed’s 3^ batch (European legaltech accelerator by Lefebvre Sarrut)

Avv. Umberto Locatelli, Mr. Francesco Spigaroli, Mr. Ivan Riva
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